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Max Rinaldi

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Max Rinaldi is an Italian professional photographer specializing in Wedding & Events photography.
Worlds seemingly apart, but in the end deeply close to one another.

Longtime world explorer, he has had the fortune to discover the wonders of the globe with his backpack and a Pentax K1000,
which later evolved into a digital, always trying to absorb any kind of different culture found on his path.

Having worked for 15 years in the advertising and technological field, and inspired by the passion for sports and nature,
with the digital he found the missing piece of the puzzle that brought him from what that was just an hobby,
to an actual job that radically changed his whole lifestyle.

Always having been attracted by any sort of photography, he developed during the years his own style, basically made of reportage,
stolen moments and joys of wedding photography,
on the contrary looking for that subtle hint of melancholy in portraits.

He discovered quite late what that remains nowadays one of his greatest passions: Nature photography.

Many of his works have been published by magazines such as Huffington Post, The Daily, Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere della sera,
Donna Moderna, The Telegraph, N-Photography, as well as many websites.

“Never give up on your dreams, always daydream and, if you can, try to snap”
Max Rinaldi

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